Frank Avent's Wahoo Photo Archive

In early 2005, Mush Morton grand nephew Frank Avent's wife, Diane, presented Frank with a trove of WWII related photos. 24 photos in in all, they were stored in an evenlope addressed to Morton's sister in law, Jeanette Avent of Sewanee Tennessee and sent from the Nashville Banner Newspaper. The postmark is May 12, 1953. The range from stock issue of unknown submarines to touching photos of Morton's children at the Memorial Ceremony after her loss.

Frank relates how they came to light:

Grandmother [Jeanette Avent] asked me if I wanted them. I remember her going through the chest upstairs at Mei Kan [Avent's house in Sewanee, Tennessee] and asking. She then said, "put your name on the envelope and when I die these are yours." Judging by my signature I must have been around 10. When Granddad passed away my Mom found them and gave them to me. Diane then put them in her safe and I did not see them until two months ago.

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