MacKinnon Clan Bibliography

Following is a list of books that provide information on the MacKinnon Clan.

Should you purchase any of these books by following the links below, the associate proceeds will go to the MacKinnon Organization a nonprofit provider of these web pages.

No Quarter Given; Livingstone, A., et. al., Aberdeen Press, 2001

The Muster Roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart's Army, 1745-1746. It includes a chapter on the MacKinnons.  

Memoirs of the Clan Fingon; MacKinnon, D., Lewis Hepworth and Company, Ltd., 1899

The definitive resource on the history of the Clan MacKinnon. It's somewhat dated in that new information has come to light in the 100+ years since it's publication. You won't find this at Amazon. Your best bet is to try a reprinter such as Higginson Book Company, Salem, MA, USA.

Scottish Highlanders; MacKinnon, C., St. Martin's Press; (December 1984)

A colorful view of the history of the Highland Clans, written by a MacKinnon.  

Landranger Map 0032: South Skye & Cullin Hills; Ordnance Survey

The OS maps provide a sufficient detail to locate about any historical location in the UK. #32 covers the most of the MacKinnon lands in Skye. OS maps are readily available at numerous locations in Scotland. You can also buy them over the web.
Discovering Skye; MacDonald, J. Published by the Author. This small 76 page booklet is a fine description of Skye. I've only seen this sold in Skye itself.
The Place Names of Skye; MacDonald, J. Published by the Author. This 18 page booklet is an excellent introduction to the place names of Skye, not to mention Gaelic and Norse, from which they came. I've only seen this sold in Skye itself.
The Clans of the Scottish Highlands; McIan, R., Alfred Knopf, Inc. 1980. This graceful resurrection of the famous book first published in the 1840's. Each clan is featured in some amount of detail. However, its most significant contribution was to document the dress of each clan in the full tartan glory.  
Skye; Newton, N., Pevensey Press, 1995 An overview of Skye with a lot of photos and readable text. It is mainly intended for the tourist.