Chiefs of the Clan MacKinnon

Date Chief Notes (Estimated dates are shown as strikethrough)
I 821 Alpin 68th Fabulous, 28th authentic, King of Scotland, slain in Galloway, a.d. 841 by Brudus, King of the Picts, from whom he had wrested the scepter.
II 837 Prince Gregor Third son of King Alpin. He never succeeded to the throne.
III 900 Doungallus His eldest son; he married Spontana, daughter of a King of Ireland.
IV 930 FINDANUS Second son of Doungallus, was seized of the estate of the Tombermory in the Isle of Mull and Findanus Castle (Dunakin) in the Isle of Skye, known by the name of MacKinnon Castle in the present day; this castle was the residence of the Lairds of MacKinnon till the 14th century, when Strathardill, also in Skye, became their seat. Findanus and his bride, the Norse princess nicknamed �Saucy Mary,� ran a heavy chain from Skye to Lochalsh and levied a toll on all shipping passing up and down. It is from him that the MacKinnon chiefs obtained their Gaelic Patronymic.
V 976 MacFindanus MacAlpin  Son of Findanus, called MacFingon MacAlpin, acquired further property in the Western Isles and in the shires of Perth and Ross. For some period after this the descendants of Alpin frequently assumed the patronymic of MacAlpin in addition to their other appellations.
VI 1020 Donald MacFingon MacAlpin
VII 1033 Cormac MacFingon MacAlpin
VIII 1066 Lachlan
IX 1096 Lachlan
X 1126 Kenneth
XI 1156 Donald
XII 1186 Lachlan
XIII 1216 Eowin or John
XIV 1246 Alpin
XV 1276 Lachlan
XVI 1306 Donald
XVII 1342 Eobhan or Ewen After the death of John, Lord of the Isles, circa 1350, MacKinnon took part in the rebellion against the heir to the Lordship, and was hanged for his trouble.
XVIII 1350 Lachlan Called Sa�gartach, or Fogarach-Supposed to be the same who was concealed in MacKinnon�s Cave in Mull when pursued by the MacLeans.
XIX 1409 Lachlan na Thiomlaidh  �vir nobilis.� The Barterer; so called for having exchanged more valuable lands in Mull for the Isle of Scalpa, with MacLean of Duart.Witnessed MacLean Charter 1409.
XX 1439 Nial Buidh
XXI 1469 Lachlan Bhan
XXII 1513 (1517) Nial Bhan MacLean of Dowart petitioned the Regent for free remission for all of their offences, which was granted on 12th March 1517
XXIII 1545 Ewen Ruadh nan Cath A celebrated warrior, who fought many battles against the MacLeans, aided by MacDonalds, in defence of his lands in Mull. Charged with rebellion by the Acts dated 1531 and 1545. Late in life he lived on good terms with the MacLeans. Carta Eugenii MacFigone 1542.
XXIV 1557 Lachlan Dubh or Fynnoun  Took the part of the MacLeans against the MacDonalds
XXV 1590 Lachlan Og.
XXVI 1601 Sir Lachlan d. 1634. 1606 Charter with Finlay MacNab of Bowaine.
XXVII 1628 Ian Balbhan The Dummy. Died in suspicious circumstances and was buried at Castle Dunara.
XXVIII 1641 Sir Lachlan Mor d. 1700. (His 2nd son Donald emigrated to Antigua after a disagreement with his father). 1671 Bond with MacGregor. Knight Banneret at Worcester 1651.
XXVIX 1700 John Dubh  b. 1682 d. 1756. Out in �15 and �45.
XXX 1755 Charles d. 1796.
XXXI 1796 John d. unmarried in 1808 (last of the direct line).
XXXII 1808 William d. 1809 aged 77. (descendant of Donald of Antigua). He never knew he was chief.
XXXIII 1809 William Alexander b. 1782 d. 1870, FRS, MP.
XXXIV 1870 William Alexander b. 1812, MP.
XXXV Frances Alexander b. 1848. d. 1947
XXXVI 1947 Aurthur Avalon d. 1964, Commander R.N.
XXXVII 1964 Alasdair Neil Hood b. 1926, d. 1980?
XXXVIII 1980 Anne Gunheild First Woman MacKinnon of MacKinnon

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