Typical Gato Class Submarine Diagram

The USS Wahoo (SS-238) was a Gato class submarine.  The Gatos, and their successors, the Balao and Tench class subs, formed the vast majority of the U. S. Submarines in the second world war. The Balaos were essentially the same as the Gatos; the major difference between the two was the Balao's improved pressure hull that permitted greater depths.

The diagram below is of a typical Gato/Balao class sub. The photos were taken of the USS Bowfin (SS-287) in April, 2000.  The Bowfin, is a Balao class sub and is on display at Pearl Harbor.

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Above Deck Views
Gato cutaway drawing
Below Deck Views

Above Deck Views

View  from Stern towards battleship row. The USS Missouri and the Arizona Memorial can been seen.

View through one of the deck binoculars of the USS Missouri.

Bow view from the Bridge.

5 Inch deck gun

View from shore.

Gato Class Cutaway


Below Deck Views

Forward Engine Room

Maneuvering Room

One of the all important toliets.

After Torpedo Room

Crew's buck compartment.

Crew's Mess.


Galley Coffeepot and forward hatch.


Looking up to the Conning Tower

Communications Room

Christmas Tree in Control Room

Control Room (Wet Side)

Control Room (Dry Side)

Control Room Sonar

Officers' compartment

Ward Room

Hallway between officers' compartments.

Captains' bunk.

Typewriter/Yeoman's room

Forward Torpedo Room

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editor: Bryan MacKinnon