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This is a collection of information regarding the USS Wahoo, America's most famous World War II submarine.  


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The Journey to Find USS Wahoo: the official story

The official account of locating Wahoo (SS-238) co-authored by Captian Thomas Logue (USN) and Bryan MacKinnon - published in Undersea Warfare Magazine

October 31, 2006: News: Navy Confrims the Wahoo has been found! Check here for imformation and photos
September 2006: News: The location of the Wahoo confirmed! Check here for imformation and photos



The Wahoo: her life and times


The Wahoo Online Library

USS Bowfin

Typical Gato Class illustration and photos

Enemies Past, Friends Today

Wahoo Peace Memorial Dedication Notes

George Logue

Wahoo Peace Memorial Videos Clips

Mush Morton
Personal Anecdotes about the Wahoo
Chief Keeter
Wahoo Photo Album
Wahoo Bell
The WWII Submarine Museum
Japanese flag
A memorial to Japanese Losses
Books on the Wahoo
Wahoo Bibliography

Wahoo final battle photos

Wahoo Crewman Dalton Keeter's Diary
Wahoo Japanese Veterans Lunch
An interview with participants 
of the attack on the Wahoo

Frank Avent's Wahoo Photo Archive


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