The Wahoo featured in the Submarine Museum at Pearl Harbor

The Bowfin-Submarine Museum at Pearl Harbor features the Wahoo prominently among it's displays. Though not large, the museum is well laid out and covers submarine history from its beginnings until the modern day.

Display case featuring the Wahoo's bell and other artifacts in the Bowfin WWII Submarine Museum at Pearl Harbor. On the wall is a photograph of Wahoo's captain Morton and Executive Officer O'Kane on the Wahoo's bridge. The Wahoo's bell is in the case in the foreground. While at sea, Submarine bells are traditionally kept behind on shore.
Mush Morton's grand nephew, Bryan MacKinnon, stands behind the Wahoo display case.
The famous Cribbage game. Click for full text description.
During the war, Morton presented the crew of the Wahoo each a T-shirt featuring an Indian Head. Here (and probably the only one still in existence) is the shirt given to his son, Doug Morton.
Photo of Morton, his son Doug wearing the Indian Head T-shirt, and his wife Harriet.
Mush Morton's great grandniece Julia MacKinnon standing before the Wahoo Memorial plaque. Click for full text.

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